Amusing Facts About Coppelia -

Amusing Facts About Coppelia

Coppelia is one of those dance forms that is going to give you hard laughter after having a look at it. It a charming dance form that consists of comedy for all the age group be it either a child or an elderly fellow. The Classic Ballet is a perfect blend of Drama, Comedy, Humour, and Mine as that could easily be witnessed on the stages. The best part about a Coppelia is that it does not require a large crew, even a small cast can nail it. That is why, in all probability, small production companies are hired.

Amusing Facts About Coppelia
Amusing Facts About Coppelia

Plot Behind The Ballet

There is an interesting plot behind the Ballet. It is about a girl named Coppelia who just sits on her balcony giving way to reading only. Neither speaking to someone or doing anything else. A boy named Franz gets so infatuated with her that she wants to marry Coppelia; even after knowing the fact that he is already married. One day Swanhilda oversees Franz throwing kisses at Coppelia.

And soon she comes to know that it is actually a doll that belongs to Doctor Coppelius; who was a mad scientist. Swanhilda tries to impersonate the enchanting doll but all in vain. Eventually, Franz and Swanhilda get married. And their marriage is celebrated with great pomp and show with classic dance.

Amusing Facts About Coppelia
Amusing Facts About Coppelia

A Part Of Many Ballet Companies

Coppelia is a part of what we call the repertoire of many ballet companies. The Ballet is presented in three parts, each one of a thirty minutes duration. The classic Ballet could be easily available in DVD that is performed by the Royal Ballet, Kirov Ballet, and the splendid Amazing Ballet. Beyond all the other facets of this classic Ballet; it is the young pupil who gets extremely carried away and intrigued by the performances.

A number of world-class Ballet dancers have performed in the Coppelia act. Gillian Murphy make the impressed everyone when she performed a mix of American Ballet and Coppelia in the American Ballet Theatre.

The Facts

  1. It was Coppelia only that made automatons dolls and marionettes enter the Ballet.
  2. The Ballet consists of two acts and three scenes.
  3. Arthur-Saint-Leon; the original choreographer died exactly two months before the performance was done; it eventually turned out to be a grand success.
  4.  After the death of Arthur-Saint-Leon, the dance was choreographed by George Balanchine for his wife named Alexandra Danilova. And that performance touched the deepest part of the spectators’ heart.
  5. The Spanish and Russian version has certain changes in the story of the play which make them even more playful.
Amusing Facts About Coppelia
Amusing Facts About Coppelia


Coppelia is not just a dance to watch it once and let it go off. It teaches us the art of living a life that is literally worth that. If you get a chance to see this fantastic dance form in the theatre then try hard not to escape the golden opportunity. Once you watch and then your heart would beat for that only. It all about the charming and most enthralling Coppelia.

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