Ballet School And What It Teaches

Ballet is an art of expression. It is a meticulous and graceful way of living that millions of people find solace in. Ballet Dance is not just a dance form to find enjoyment and happiness but also the path towards a scintillating life. This magnificent dance school and its form startled the World at the time period of Renaissance in Italian history in the 15th century.

It was the epoch when people began examining the World from an entirely different perspective. The one that was based on not just living life but a life that is worth living. That was when people irrespective of color, caste, creed, sect, and backgrounds started to contribute to the art and culture of belonging especially to the European Countries.

In the arena of dance, it was when Ballet Dance came out into the epiphany of enlightening ideas.

Ballet School And What It Teaches

The Ballet Schools And Academies

In 1661, a dance academy was opened in Paris that trained pupils for Ballet Dance and soon the dance form moved from the court of the stage and it was at that point of time when Ballet made a large scale appeal.

The French opera Le Triomphe de l’Amour blended the elements of Ballet with Opera and eventually gave birth to a ballet-opera duo. It was after those significant incidents that a large number of schools got established which not only trained people of people but also promoted the dance form to be accepted by people on a worldwide scale.

Initially, there were just a handful of schools that were a part of it but soon the noble cause enlightened the whole world and then came an era of Ballet. When everyone seemed to cherish it, love it and whole-heartedly accept it.

Famous Ballet Schools

And as a witness, the case of the 21st century which we are a part of now there are a number of choices which are there when it comes to making a choice for a suitable Ballet School. A list of famous Ballet Schools of the World is as mentioned below:-

Ballet School And What It Teaches
Ballet School And What It Teaches
  1. Royal Ballet School, United Kingdom
  2. Joffrey Academy of Dance
  3. The Juilliard School
  4. American Ballet Theatre
  5. Boston Ballet School
  6. Bolshoi Ballet Academy
  7. Abby Lee Dance Company
  8. Paris Opéra Ballet School
  9. La Escuela Nacional de Danza – Havana, Cuba
  10. The John Cranko School – Stuttgart, Germany
  11. The School of American Ballet – New York City, New York, United States
  12. Vaganova School – St Petersburg – Russia
  13. The University of South Florida – Tampa, FL
  14. Barnard College – New York, NY
  15. Brenau University – Gainesville, GA
Ballet School And What It Teaches

The list is a compact and precise one that clearly states some of the best Ballet Schools of the world. One can be a part of any of these schools provided he or she has the desired understanding of the art of Ballet and there is a sheer determination and dedication because every time it is quite hard to be a part of something already stupendous and glorious.


The schools have got highly experienced and skilled faculty who have the ability to mold the trainee into someone totally different from the way he used to be.

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