Graceful Dance Form-Ballet

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This dance form was developed in Italy during the 15th Century which later grew as a concert dance form in France and Russia. Dancers who perform Ballet are called Ballerina. They have to start their training at a very young age. A professional Ballerina devotes his or her life to this dance. This dance form consists of choreography, music, and dance.

Traditional Ballet is different from modern Ballet. Only a trained dancer can choreograph and perform this dance. Recognized as a classical Ballet. The dance movement of a Ballet special involves the movement of toes and hands. It is a style of dancing that tells a story with music but without words.

Graceful dance form-Ballet
Graceful dance form-Ballet

Origin Of Ballet:

Ballet dance form came to existence in the 15th century in Italy. It was developed court entertainment performance later it moved to France following the marriage of Catherine De Medicis and Henry II. Then it got popular and was at its peak. In the mid 17th century eventually, it gained popularity and came out of the court. Later two academies, established by Louis XIV in order to give professional recognition. After this, it developed its style and started to spread all over the world.

Ballet And Opera:

The academy, founded for this dance called the Paris Opera had Ballet and opera tied to each other. Opera is also a storytelling play and the combination of Opera with this became more successful. So we can say Paris opera to be the founder of modern Ballet.

People knew the dancers of the opera throughout Europe. People began to grow increasingly interested. The dancers of the Opera were professional. This dance grew from here and was widely accepted by people, which was a combination of dancing, singing as well as orchestra music.

In the early years, the most accomplished dancers were male and not until 1681 that the first female dancer Mlle La Fontaine appeared. As time passed she and her successor slowly and steadily became nearly as popular and respected compared to male dancers. The women began to compete with men in technique and artistry.

Graceful dance form-Ballet
Graceful dance form-Ballet

Types Of Ballet:

It, known as the most graceful dance as well as it has its own dancing style. This dance has different styles. Here are the 7 types:

  1. Classical.
  2. Romantic.
  3. Neoclassical.
  4. Contemporary.
  5. The Vaganova style.
  6. The Cecchetti method.
  7. The Bournonville style.
Graceful dance form-Ballet
Graceful dance form-Ballet


What we know today is that the neoclassical form pioneered by Balanchine. It involves dance techniques that bear only the remote resemblance to the dance that evolved as this dance in the Italian French court. All though it began as a court dance but dancing in a court environment rather than on stage has long ago been abandoned.

The concept of this being a storytelling dance has changed. Also, these days many of the choreographers incorporate techniques from non-balletic sources. It is said that many dance forms are inspired by this dance form.

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