Swan Lake Ballet Dancing

Swan Lake Ballet Dancing
Swan Lake Ballet Dancing

Swan Lake is a well-known classical ballet. It appeared during the years 1875-1876. Pyotr Tchaikovsky was the man behind the creation of this amazing ballet. The ballet initially failed to gain reputation and earn appreciation from the audience. But now it is one of the most popular ballet to be performed.

The ballet was an adaptation of a German and Russian folk tale developed by Julius Reisinger. It is greatly admired by many people. The ballet is considered to be a masterpiece of Tchaikovsky. The elements of romance, drama, and tragedy in the ballet continue to keep the audience engaged with it.


Swan Lake Ballet Dancing

Swan Lake tells us the story of a princess, Odette. She has been transformed into a swan due to a curse given by an evil sorcerer, Von Rothbart. Due to the curse, the beautiful princess turns into a swan in the daylight along with some other girls. But at night, she transforms back into a beautiful woman.

The curse can only be broken if a man loves Odette with all his heart. When the Prince goes for hunting into the forest with some of his friends, he arrives at a beautiful lake. In the lake, the swans were flying. To try his new crossbow, the young Prince aims at the swans, but to his amaze, he sees the swan queen transforming into a charming woman before his eyes.

Then he learns the story of her curse. He falls in love with her and wants to embrace her. But before he gets the chance to confess his feelings, the evil Rothbart disturbs them. Siegfried can’t stop loving Odette and thinks about her even after going back to his palace.

Then Rothbart disguises his daughter, Odile, as Odette with only a dress color difference. Siegfried mistakes her for Odette and declares to marry her. Later, he sees the real Odette and realizes his fault. Then he apologizes to her, but they realize they cannot break the curse because Siegfried has pledged to marry another girl. Now, all they see is death as the savior. It is the only way to escape the evil powers of Rothbart. So they both jump into the lake and dies. With them, the evil powers of Rothbart also die.

Elements Of The Swan Lake Ballet

Swan Lake Ballet Dancing
Swan Lake Ballet Dancing
  • Beauty and grace
  • Elegance
  • Royal setup
  • Dynamic movements
  • Fluid nature
  • Romance
  • Reconciliation


The plot has seen many variations as makers prefer to interpret the story in different ways. They prefer to put their own style and imagination in the performance. The ending in which the lovers die together is considered as a happy one. This is because they unite finally, and the princess is freed from the curse and evil powers of Rothbart.

Swan Lake has been received well by the viewers who appreciate the storyline and the characters. This why several composers have presented their own interpretation of the same story, and they continue to do so.


It is one of the best options to watch Swan Lake if you are going for a classical ballet performance. The impact that the ballet generates on the audience is credible.

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