The Most Famous Classical Ballets Dance

Famous Ballet Dance

There are several genres of dance. There is hip hop, breakdancing, jazz, contemporary, and folk dance. Another form of dance is ballet. Classical Ballet is one of the most elegant performing arts. It tells a story in the way the dancers move and let the audience feel different emotions.

Ballet performances take a lot of time and effort to prepare. Being a ballerina is not a joke. Women and men train for years and fight for roles in a play. You will definitely see all of their efforts in the beauty of the whole production. If you are interested in this elegant form of art, here are some ballet classics you must need to watch.

Swan Lake

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The Swan Lakes is a popular Ballet piece that most people know. It tells the tale of a young woman named Odette who was cursed to be a swan queen during the day and human at night. This well-known repertoire was composed by Tchaikovsky and premiered in 1877 at Moscow, Russia.

The nutcracker

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Despite the initial failure, The Nutcracker became one of the most famous ballet dances. It tells the adventures of a girl named Clara and her Nutcracker toy. It is a Christmas classic that everyone can enjoy.


This dance depicts the heart-wrenching tale of Giselle, who dies of heartbreak as she learned the truth about the man she loves.

Romeo and Juliet

Yes, the tragic Shakespeare classic has a Ballet dance. Sergei Prokofiev is the composer and choreographed by Ivo Vana Psota. It premiered in 1938. Many versions have followed after its release

Don Quixote

Don Quixote is a dance piece based on the story written by Miguel De Cervantes with the same name. It follows the story of a romantic dreamer and his adventures searching for his beloved.


Cinderella is a classic piece based on the fairytale. The work is another composition by Sergei Prokofiev and premiered in 1945.

La Bayadere

The piece follows the tragic story of Nikiya and her lover, Solor. It premiered at St. Petersburg in 1877.


Coppelia tells a dark love story about a young man named Franz who fell in love with a mechanical doll despite having a fiancée.

The Sleeping Beauty

Based on the fairy tale with the same name, Sleeping beauty is another classic composed by Tchaikovsky and premiered in 1890 at St. Petersburg.

La Sylphide

La Sylphide is a classical Ballet dance about the tragic tale between James, a young and engaged man, and Sylph, a mythological air spirit. Initially choreographed by Filippo Taglioni, Father of a famous ballerina Marie Taglioni and debuted in 1832.

It is amazing how stories can be told through the art of dance. Ballerinas are so graceful and skillful. Their ability to do several turns are mesmerizing. Let’s not even forget about their flexibility. All of these together with the ballerinas’ synchronizations make the whole piece unified and complete. All of these ballet performances are certainly worth watching.

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