The Not-So-Famous Nutcracker

The story of the Nutcracker is based on the E.T.A. Hoffmann’s fantasy story. This story is about a girl who makes friends with a Nutcracker that comes to life on Christmas Eve.

In this story, there is an evil mouse king and the girl fights the battle against the evil mouse king. It is also 1892 to act ballet. This was original, choreographed by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov. They described the Hoffmann story in a lighter form. Initially, it was not a success for the dance but later since 1960 it has enjoyed enormous popularity. Hence, now it is performed by various ballet companies in the Christmas season.


Connection With Christmas

Nutcracker ballet is mostly performed during the Christmas season and has a reason behind this. The Nutcracker story is all about a family Stahlbaums. This family is preparing to celebrate Christmas with an annual party. There are two kids in this family. 

These children have a Nutcracker toy gifted by their grandfather. While trying to crack a big nut the Nutcrackers jaw is fractured. When the clock strikes midnight this and other toys come to life. They had to fight a seven-headed mouse king and his army. At last Marie saves Nutcracker and found out that he is a cursed prince. As the story has elements related to Christmas it is performed in ballet form during the Christmas season.

Origin Of Nutcracker Ballet:

The first performance of this story was presented by Pyotr Tchaikovsky in Russia. He used a new instrument “Celesta” for the storytelling dance. The ballet was for the first time performed in December 1892 which was performed at St. Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theatre. This performance received a lot of criticism.

Despite its first performance was a failure. Many ballet companies started to perform during the Christmas season. Some of them eventually eliminated some characters from the story.


Nutcracker Russia:

A short version of the ballet was first performed outside Russia in Budapest in 1927. The first complete performance was held in England in 1934. The story varies from production to production according to ballet companies. Also, this originally is only about 85 minutes long if performed without intermission.

The Main Character Of The Ballet:

As the dance depicts the story of a family. The best part of this is that it provides an opportunity for dancers as well as some non-dancers of all ages. Clara, as well as Nutcracker, are the main cast and dancers of different levels can be cast together. The ballet contains two parts Act I and Act II. Hence dancers join the dance according to their role. A large number of ballet dancers perform this dance together.



The Nutcracker is a perfect treat for your family. In the festive season, many famous ballet houses open their bookings for Nutcracker in advance every year. Also, a story with dance and music creates such a wonderful atmosphere. Celebrating the Christmas period with such a classic presentation would overwhelm your family’s joy.

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