The Nutcracker Ballet

The Nutcracker Ballet

The Nutcracker is a classical ballet created in the year 1892 by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. The ballet has been written and performed in two acts. It was an adaptation of a story named ‘The Nutcracker and the Mouse King.’ The ballet is usually performed during the Christmas days as its main plot has been set on a Christmas Eve.

The ballet, greatly admired for its soulful music. The music earned great respect and popularity from the audience. It includes some of the best melodies of the composer. The ballet shows mesmerizing and enchanted characters, starting from a little yet admirable.

 The Nutcracker Prince to the evil Mouse King. As the story unfolds, it becomes extremely interesting to watch how Clara and her world transform in front of our eyes.

The ballet allows exploring the amazing fantasy with beautiful scenes, dance performances, and elaborate costumes. The ballet continues to amaze the audience even in modern times. It always feels fresh and worthwhile to watch.


The Nutcracker Ballet

The plot starts with a girl named Clara, who develops a friendship with a wooden nutcracker. The Nutcracker looks like a little man. He comes into existence on the night of Christmas and declares a battle against the Mouse King. The Mouse King is witty and evil leading his army of soldiers.

After some fight, finally, the nutcracker stabs the mice king and defeats his army. The nutcracker then changes into a handsome and charming Prince. Then, Clara and the Prince go together into an adventurous and captivating Land of Sweets. The place, being ruled by the Sugar Plum Fairy in Prince’s absence.

He recalls his savior in the hands of Clara and his transformation back into his real self. Then Clara, honored with special sweets, and they all celebrate. Then they bid adieu to their subjects and go to a sleigh.

However, the original story is much darker and troublesome than the adapted ballet version. Usually, the adapted versions get some twisted climax as per the choice of their producers.


The Nutcracker Ballet

Some selected scenes from The Nutcracker, performed for the first time in the year 1892. It was displayed for the audience in St. Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theatre as a double program combined with an opera named Iolanta. But the production of the ballet, perceived to be very boring even by Tchaikovsky himself.


  • The failure of The Nutcracker ballet didn’t only belong to the composer. Its original writer Petipa had fallen sick, so he was absent from providing the choreography sessions. Thus, the sessions planned and crafted by his inexperienced assistant.
  • Also, the scenery and costumes of the ballet considered tasteless and unimpressive. The performance of the heroine who played and danced the character of Sugar Plum Fairy was largely criticized.
  • The reputation of Tchaikovsky shattered, and he didn’t survive to see the ballet succeed.


Despite its early failure, TheNutcracker soon became the most performed ballet of the romantic period. Used to introduce classical music as they both go well together.

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