Top 5 Toddler Dance Classes

Toddler Dance Classes

Dancing is a fun and engaging physical activity. Even experts will say that dancing is a beautiful activity to develop your child’s skills. With dancing, your little ones will expand their flexibility, rhythm, confidence, coordination, and even strength. It is also highly suggested that people start learning dance at such a young age.

Dance is a broad term. There are a lot of various types of dances that your child can learn. There are several genres of dances you can choose from. Here are five dance classes suitable for your toddlers!


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You have probably heard a thing or two about Ballet. Classical Ballet originated in Europe around the 19th century and focused on fluidity and the preciseness of movements. It is an elegant form of dance that is perfect for your child. More than a great way to exercise, Ballet also develops an array of skills like flexibility, stamina, balance, and even your kid’s socializing. Coordination skills since most Ballet performances are in groups.


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Jazz is a dance inspired by the music genre with the same name. It is a highly energetic dance that shows individuality and improvisation skills. Usually, Jazz dance requires extensive footwork and explosive moves. It also helps boost your child’s self-confidence and encourages your child to express themselves through dancing. It is a fun way for your child to discover themselves.


Just like Jazz, this dance originates from a music genre with the same name. It is a modern dance that most kids encounter in streets or movies. It has a lot of branches such as breaking and popping while jamming to hip hop music. It is a great dance class to choose if your child loves experimenting with their movements. It develops your kid’s sense of rhythm and creativity skills, as most hip-hop dancers create their dance steps.

Modern/ Contemporary

Modern or Contemporary dance is not just a simple dance but rather a form of rebellion against the usual classical Ballet. It features movements of the whole body and is usually performed barefooted. Its purpose is to express emotions and send a message to the audience. It will help your child to develop their creativity and emotional sense.

Lyrical Dance

Lyrical dance is a combination of Jazz and Ballet. Lyrical dance uses music with lyrics, and its movements are slower than Jazz but quicker than Ballet. Lyrical dance emphasizes fluidity and expression of emotion.

Ballet, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, and lyrical dance are just the usual dances that your child can learn. These are also the most common dances offered in dance workshops. But if you and your child want to try out something else aside from the common and usual, you can try out other dance genres like tap dancing, ballroom, or breakdancing.

Your toddlers will definitely enjoy a dance class. They would not just enjoy but they would also have fun meeting new friends in their class. Dance also boosts one’s self-esteem and will make your kid more graceful.

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