Top 5 Western Dance Class for Adults

Dance Class for Adults

Nowadays, adults have more ways to enjoy themselves. They can go to concerts, join community clubs, watch movies, etc. One hobby that seems not to get old is dancing. Dancing is a hobby, talent, and skill that knows no age and gender.

Unlike what teenagers usually think about traditional dancing, some dances like ballroom evolved into something sexy and hip. Also, ballroom is not the only choice of dance genre for adults. They can definitely try any type of dance. Dance is a great way to relieve boredom while acquiring new skills and also a great way to be active.. Here are five western dances that adults can enjoy.


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Hip-hop is a dance with a street dancing style and Hip-Hop music accompaniment. It’s a modern dance style that focuses on balance and creativity, and initially in freestyle. Hip-Hop is like a breath of freedom, as most dancers can create their expression using this dance. It’s a great way to relieve boredom while dancing freely.


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Popularized by the king of pop, Michael Jackson, Breakdancing is a complicated dance that revolves around fancy movements like head spins and windmills. It is highly technical that needs great flexibility and acrobatic skills. If you’re up for a challenge, Breakdancing is perfect for you.


Ballet is a dance with a long history. It originated in Europe in the 19th century and usually danced with classical music. Although it may have seen an old dance style compared to the previous two dances, it remains influential in the dancing world as it is the foundation of other dance genres. The movements for Ballet exudes gracefulness and expresses rich emotion. It’s an excellent dance for adults who want to have a solid foundation in dancing, and you know what they say about classic; it can never go wrong.


If there’s a single word to describe Salsa, it is the word Fiery. Salsa is a dance for pairs with hot and sexy dance moves. It originated in Cuba and Puerto Rico and usually has Latin-American music for accompaniment. So if you’re looking for a dance hobby as a couple, Salsa is your best choice.

Tap Dance

If you’ve watched the movie Happy Feet, then you’ll have an idea about Tap Dance. Tap Dance is a dance style first performed in 1800. It is a dance style that emphasizes footwork and rhythm. The dancers create music using their shoes with metal plates and improve the dancers’ sense of rhythm. So if you want a unique dance, try Tap dance.

Just because you are an adult does not mean you can’t try new things. Do not limit yourself! Attending these dance classes does not necessarily mean you want to be good at dancing. It is just also a great way to bond with friends and meet other people. Enjoy moving with the sound of the beat. Try out these western dance classes for adults and bring out the dancer in you.

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